Terms of use

Please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions in totality, since they are applicable with every use of this Hashtoro.com.

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Hashtoro.com. The English law governs the following terms and conditions, such that if there is any disagreement or claim whatsoever, which are not limited to those under contract, then they will be settled by the English law in UK court. In the case where a translation of these terms results in a discrepancy with the English version, the original English version will triumph over all others. This includes any right of withdrawal or cancellation that would otherwise applied under the implementation of Directive 2011/83/EU on Consumer Rights.

Any use, access, registration, or reception of Hashtoro.com obtainable through Hashtoro.com is a sign of acceptance to all the binding terms and agreements.


This Agreement and all of its terms are subject to common law and consumer rights that apply to you.. This Agreement will not limit or exclude our liability for personal injury or death that results from our negligence or any fraudulent act or representation. This Agreement and all of its terms will not limit any other of our statutory liability that is not capable of limitation.

Hashtoro LLP make no warranty with respect to whether the Hashtoro.com or the Website Hashtoro.com complies with the laws of any jurisdiction other than UK.

All terms refer to the offer, acceptance and consideration of payment necessary to undertake the process of our assistance to the Client in the most appropriate manner, whether by formal meetings of a fixed duration, or any other means, for the express purpose of meeting the Client’s needs in respect of provision of the Company’s stated Hashtoro.com/products, in accordance with and subject to, prevailing law of. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to same.

The Terms apply to all mining undertaken by you using the Hashtoro.com and Website. They form a legal agreement between you and us immediately upon acceptance of your application for an Account, further detailed below;

In the event of a conflict between the FAQ or any information located on the Hashtoro.com, these Terms will take precedence;

We make no guarantees or warranties with respect to the amount of Cryptocurrency that will be mined by a Miner or a specific Cloud Device/Contract;

By applying to register for the Hashtoro.com as a Miner, you confirm that you understand and accept the Terms and Conditions. You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. You agree to check the Website regularly for any changes to the Terms, instructions, information and guidance found on the Website;

No person may apply to register as a Miner unless:

  • You are 18-years-old or older; and
  • It is otherwise lawful for you do so.

We may require you to provide us with identification or any other documentation to prevent money laundering or fraud. This may include skype or photo identification and proof of your address. We may check your identity for credit and fraud background.

You may not visit Hashtoro.com or use our service through an anonymous proxy, VPN or any other technology that disguises your real internet connection.


The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions:

Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person visiting this website and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions;

"Hashtoro.com", "Hashtoro", "Website", "Hashtoro.com", “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We”, “Our” and “Us”, refers to our Company.

“Party”, “Parties”, or “Us”, refers to both the Client and ourselves, or either the Client;

Any mention of “Cryptocurrency” or its plural means decentralized and distributed digital currency;

  • “Bitcoin” and “Bitcoins” are cryptocurrency coins;
  • “Altcoin” and "Altcoins" any Cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin. For example: Litecoin, Dash, Etherium, Monero or BitcoinCash and etc;
  • a “Miner” or "Miners" are any individual who has registered on Hashtoro.com and paid for Cloud Mining contract to mine Bitcoin and/or Altcoin;
  • “Mining Pool” means a joint group of cryptocurrency miners who combine their mining devices over a network. Members of Mining Pool mine Cryptocurrency jointly;
  • “Mining Device” means an electronic equipment owned, leased or rented by us and is designed and used to mine Cryptocurrency and to provide the Cloud Mining Hashtoro.com;
  • “Hash rate” or “Hashrate” means Cloud Mining Device mining speed. Hash rate is specific to the mining algorithm (Scrypt, SHA-256, etc);
  • “Cloud Device” means the part of one Mining device or multiple devices, combined in Cloud device, that is purchased and operated by an registered Customer of Hashtoro.com;
  • “Support” means our Technical help team which can be contacted via our email and ticket system;
  • “Dashboard” means the personal account page on Hashtoro.com. Miner interacts with the Dashboard to buy new Mining Contracts, update personal information, payout details, contacting our Support, view Stats etc.;
  • “Website” means all pages on Hashtoro.com domain including our Support section and faq pages or mobile devices apps.
  • “Payout” mean a credit to your Account Balance in mined Cryptocurrency.
  • “Fees” are electricity and maintenance fees debited on daily basis from your Account Balance;
  • “Account” means an password protected section inside Hashtoro.com which allows you to access Dashboard on Hashtoro.com;
  • "Login details" is your Username and password for Account access
  • “Balance” means an amount of Cryptocurrency or Fiat currency in your Account section;
  • “Pre-Order” means a Mining Contract with start date other than date of payment, which we can change any time;
  • “Contract” means a Mining Contract on Cloud Device with a Hash rate paid by Miner;
  • “Contract Duration” means the amount of days for which You agree to purchase rights to operate a Cloud Device. By default, we provide Contracts with a 1 year Contract Duration or otherwise specified in Mining Contract description;
  • “Hold” means an action taken to an Account Balance in order to prevent withdrawals and is set as a protection from unauthorized withdrawal of your funds;
  • “Partner Program” means participation in the reward program for our Customers. When you participate, you receive commission from a referred Customer payment for the purchase of Mining Contracts;
  • “Referral Code” means an specific code linked to an Account which participates in Partner Program;
  • “Referral Link” means an Hashtoro.com URL containing your Referral Code to allow a unregistered Customer to sign up with the Hashtoro.com;
  • “Referral” means a new Customer without account, who registers with an existing Customer’s Referral Link;
  • “Referrer” means a Customer which referral link been used for registration of a new Customer;
  • “Referral Payment” means order paid by an Referral;
  • “Referral Bonus” means an incentive a Referrer gets for a payment made by his Referral;
  • “Partner Program” means a reference to websites that permits any person to receive commission or fixed fee for orders made by referred Miners;

The use of Cryptocurrencies carries inherent risk. The value of Cryptocurrencies is not protected or backed by any entity including us. The value of the Contract and the Cryptocurrency may change due to factors out of our control. You fully and truly realize and in agreement that the value of any Contract and any Cryptocurrency may become zero at any time. You fully and truly realize and confirm that you are exclusively responsible for your Balance and also for any loss or change may caused by any third party.

All content about Cryptocurrency and mining what was or is posted, published or otherwise provided by us, may be changed without notice.


You may not mine Bitcoin or Altcoins or access Hashtoro.com if it is forbidden by any law or regulation that applies to you. You agree to inform yourself about the nature of Bitcoin or Altcoins before undertaking any mining. Some but not all of the risks related to Bitcoin or Altcoins are:

  • Currency fluctuation;
  • It can be that transactions involving Bitcoin or Altcoins cannot be confirmed or completed;
  • Transactions are not reversible and may not be recoverable;
  • You can losе Bitcoin or Altcoins if you forget or lose the secret words combination, password or PIN which you need to use in order to recover cryptocurrency purses;
  • Unknown technical defects; and
  • Future regulation or laws relating to their use.

You understand, and your are able to understand, and accept any and all risk associated with Bitcoin or Altcoins.


During registration, you agree and commit with our Terms and Conditions. Once you agree, you may not recall your commitment. We have right to accept or decline your sign up application. If we agree to accept your application, the Agreement is entered into force between Hashtoro.com and You.

To register as a Miner you must submit following personal details: email address and a Password. You are further will need to provide your country of fiscal residence for sales tax or VAT calculation. Before you withdraw funds you must submit wallet address for the Cryptocurrency that you are mining. Hashtoro.com may permit you to enter more than one wallet. In case you change your payout method, we reserve the right to hold payout for 30 days as a security measure.

You guarantee that all provided personal details about you that we have is true, recent, complete and not misleading. Once we validate your registration details you will be able to login to your account.

You should not disclose your login details to any other person.

You may have only ONE account. We are able to track duplicated account and We reserve the right to terminate such accounts.

After registration, you have ability buy a Cloud Mining Contract on Cloud Device. You will be able to select the hash power of said Cloud Device. We reserve the right to limit maximal processing power of any Mining Contract.

Hashtoro.com reserves the right to decide whether an order is successful. We can decline your order in case we suspect that transaction is fraudent due various of factors. In case of decline, Hashtoro.com will cancel your order.

If an order is successful, we will send confirmation email with contract details, such us Hash power amount, start date and duration.

Miners may receive Cryptocurrencies based on the Hashpower of the Cloud Device for the time which said machine is operational. Cryptocurrencie(s) will be sent to your Hashtoro.com account daily.

In case you do not have access to your Hashtoro Account, we have the right to ask you send us personal information in order to verify your ownership of Hashtoro Account. We can request any documentation or information, such as personal id, utility bill, credit card statement which will show our transaction or blockchain transaction details.

We permit to use the Hashtoro.com for yourself only. You are liable for all use of your Hashtoro Account and for any usage of your Login details. You are allowed to have only 1(one) Account.

Make sure you keep your login details safe. Use only trusted internet connection. Avoid using public wifi. We cannot be held responsible for any illegal use of your login details or your Account by you and/or any other third-party. You must inform us immediately of any use of your Account or Password, or suspected use, by another Person. You agree that you must inform us right away, If you suspect that your account has been hacked or accessed by someone else.


This Agreement does not expire even after the termination of your Account

The Contract Duration is unlimited and does not expire unless written otherwise in this Agreement. The Mining Contract is active and legitimate while it makes profit, until terminated or until expired, whichever of these comes first.

The pricing may vary and change due to a number of factors, for example (but not limited to) promotional offers, number of contract days, mining difficulty, Mining Device prices, bonuses and other discounts.

A Contract has a provided expiry date and ends on described expiry date and when the Cloud Device has stopped. We may have so called "Pre-Order Mining Contract". You can order such contract if we are out of stock for specific mining contract. Once you buy such contract it will be activated once we install new miners in our datacenter. A Pre-Order Contract that is not activated on purchase date will be activated on the date stated in the Pre-Order Contract. We can change date if there is a delay with miners delivery or installation.

It can happen that we have to rise electricity price and datacenter maintenance fee. In such cases mining can be less profitable. Mining continues only while the mining has profit. Hashtoro.com will stop your Mining Contract if daily fees become greater than the daily Payout. If your mining continues to be unprofitable for a period of 14 consecutive days, at that time the Hashtoro.com is terminated without further notice. During said 14-day period, Hashtoro.com will pause any planner Payouts and maintenance Fees. But If, during such period, mining becomes profitable, the suspension will end and the Contract reactivated automatically.

We may change the Start date, Contract Duration of any Mining Contract.

During the Contract Duration, you may use the Website to :

  • Change your contact and registration details;
  • Block or Unblock your Account or Remove a Mining Contract with the help of our customer support( You will have to to create a customer support ticket);
  • Change mining values of your Cloud Mining Contract;
  • Change your email address( 30 days payout hold will apply as security measure).
  • Change your wallet address( 30 days payout hold will apply as security measure).
  • Subject to fees and payment in advance, you may use the Website to:
    • Add a new Cloud Mining Contract;
    • Increase the processing power of Cloud Mining Contract.

We issue all invoices in EURO currency by default. In case you made a payment in any other currency other than EURO, you must take into account the exchange rate of that currency to EURO at the time that the invoice is generated and for any commission or fees for the currency exchange or your bank fees.

You may purchase a Mining Contract using one of the following payment methods:

  • pay by Reinvestting in Mining contract your mined or earned Cryptocurrency using Cryptocurrency coins paid to your Hashtoro.com Balance;
  • pay in Bitcoin by sending BTC from your BTC purse to our BTC purse. We advise you to set "confirmation within 2 blocks" in order to speed up transaction. If you set transaction fee to low, confirmation can take up to 7 days. The amount that must be paid, will be calculated in BTC based on BTC/EURO exchange rate at the time of the purchase and any transfer fee charged by the Bitcoin network. For bitcoin transfer we'll provide you our one time BTC purse address. Please note that this BTC address can only be used once. Make sure you send us full amount excluding commission fee. If we receive amount less than stated in invoice, your payment may not be confirmed by our billing and you will have to send rest of the amount in order to complete the transaction;pay in Bitcoin by sending BTC from your BTC purse to our BTC purse. We advise you to set "confirmation within 2 blocks" in order to speed up transaction. If you set transaction fee to low, confirmation can take up to 7 days. The amount that must be paid, will be calculated in BTC based on BTC/EURO exchange rate at the time of the purchase and any transfer fee charged by the Bitcoin network. For bitcoin transfer we'll provide you our one time BTC purse address. Please note that this BTC address can only be used once. Make sure you send us full amount excluding commission fee. If we receive amount less than stated in invoice, your payment may not be confirmed by our billing and you will have to send rest of the amount in order to complete the transaction;
  • pay in WebMoney currencies by using a WebMoney Transfer which is a transfer of fiat funds to our WebMoney account using the WebMoney Hashtoro.com;
  • pay in a fiat currency by using a Bank Wire Transfer which is a transaction of fiat funds to our bank account by way of a Bank or Wire Transfer. Minimum order amount is 50 euro. For wire transfer We will provide the wire details once you are ready to place your order. Please note that it can take up to 7( seven ) working days, before your Mining contract order is completed with Wire transfer. We advise you to pay using SEPA(Single Euro Payments Area) if you have bank account in EU. In payment details for wire transfer you are requested to put following description: Invoice number {your invoice number}, date {invoice date}, customer id {customer id} for hash power contract. You must send us exact amount which you see on order page;
  • pay in a fiat currency by using your Credit Card which is a transfer of fiat funds to our payment processing account. We accept Visa and Mastercard only. You will have to enter your card details and name of the cardholder. Validation of your card payment can take up to 30 seconds;

You should take into account, that third party terms and extra commissions and fees may apply for any payment method you select.

We reserve the right at any time in our sole discretion to adjust the Contract accordingly to either received funds or request that the outstanding amount should be paid in full, before changing status of the Mining Contract to active state.

A Customer is exclusively and solely liable for the correctness of all payments, including but not limited to the wire account details, payment details and the transferable amount.

If the received amount is higher than invoice, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to make changes to the Mining Contract based on othe funds that were received, adding the excess amount to the Customer’s Balance or to return the excess amount through whichever payment system originally been used by the Customer to pay for the Mining Contract.

If You initiate a payment with insufficient or incorrect payment details and/or make payment to the wrong bank or cryptocurrency account, we will try to process the purchase on time. However, if the bank or cryptocurrency account is not ours and/or is not in any way related to Hashtoro, We will not be responsible for such mistake on the Customer’s part and We will decline and refuse any claims. Please note that if you send cryptocurrency to the wrong address, such funds can be lost forever and Hashtoro will not be held responsible. We will not be held responsible to resolve a payment problems without an request being submitted by You.

A request must be submitted for every payment related case by contacting Hashtoro Support.

We may request the confirmation details of your payment if we have suspicions the Contract was activated without proper payment. You have to provide such confirmation of payment within 7 days of the receipt of any such request from Hashtoro.

Confirmation of payment includes: our order number, the unique transaction number or ID, transferred amount, destination account, and confirmation statement from the payment institution that was used to make the payment which will display our transaction.

If you made purchase using Credit Card, we may send you an identification request in order to proof ownership of the credit card. On your first credit card order we may charge your card first with random amount under 2 Euro. You will need to check your credit card transaction and enter charged amount in payment verification screen in order to verify ownership of your credit card. Once verified , we will add charged amount to your balance or use it to decrease payment amount in your next invoice.

If you fail to provide us any proof of payment evidence within 7 days or the provided proof is invalid, we reserve the right to decline the claim;

We reserve the right to change or terminate any Contract connected to payment for which you failed to provide any evidence and to adjust Your Account Balance that is mined by the related Contract by any amount. We reserve the right to change, adjust and/or switch any paid Contract’s Hash Rate algorithm and amount at any time. In case of a forced change to new Hash Rate Algorithm( For example Etherium to Monero) we will try, when we can, to offer a new Mining Contract of equal or even greater value than the value of the original Mining Contract, in accordance with the current crypto market price. We have right to change the Payout period at any time;


During validity of mining contract You agree not to cancel your account and our agreement or any of its terms and you will not have right for any partial or full refund, Unless otherwise provided by law, all sales are final and not refundable. We reserve the right to provide refunds at our sole discretion on case by case basis. If we provide a refund, we will not have any obligation to issue a similar or the same refund again in the future. Hashtoro.com refund policy however does not affect any legal rights that may apply to the purchase.

If we decide to provide a refund, You will receive paid amount back, unless any of those amount been paid out to You from your Account Balance. If any amount was successfully paid out to you from the Your Account Balance, no refund claim or request will or can be processed to that Account.

We have the right to reset to zero, deduct any funds from your balance or deduct any Hash rate and/or funds that have been mined by the Hash Rate of the refunded order from the Customer’s Balance. We may, at our discretion, deduct any money that you owe us from any that we owe you.

We have the right to reset to zero or deduct any funds that have been credited as a Referral Bonus for the refunded payment from the Referrer’s Balance.

We are not obligated to refund any funds that are spent for the electricity and maintenance fees.

When we refund overpaid funds or in the case of a full refund, we will charge your account balance with a processing fee depending on the payment method that was used. If fee is in fiat currency we will debit your account balance in BTC or other mined cryptocurrency based on current EURO exchange rate.

Following fees will be charged:

  • WebMoney: 5 euro
  • Credit Card: 20 Euro
  • Bitcoin fee: 0.002 BTC
  • Bank Transfer: 40 Euro

We may change amount of any processing fee at any time.


You confirm to obey this Agreement, all rules, any laws and any regulations that apply when using the Hashtoro.com. You must use your real name and identity when you use our services. You must not abuse Referral program Bonus, Adwords Campaign or any discount provided by us.

You are forbidden to use VPN's, Proxy's, masking or hiding your network traffic and WAN IP address in any way when you use our Hashtoro.com.

ML(Multilevel) marketing, such as a pyramid scheme, is not permitted to provide any Hashtoro.com to anyone based on use of Hashtoro.com.

You are forbidden from using or exploiting any design or software error of the Hashtoro.com, any undocumented feature, or bug for any gain whatsoever or as a attempt to attack the Hashtoro.com Service. You are obligated to report all errors and bugs to support@hashtoro.com. You may participate in our bug bounty reward program by contacting us first. If bug is serious, we may provide you with reward.


Your Account Balance contains digital amount in mined cryptocurrency which is available for you to use. The Personal account may have more than one Balance, in different cryptocurrencies. For example: BTC Balance, ETH Balance, Litecoin Balance, etc. We may always add or remove any cryptocurrency which is available for mining, without prior notice.

We will transfer mined funds to your Account Balance once a day but not later than 48 hours from previous transfer.

We will provide payout If your balance reached minimum payout of 0.005 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.5 LTC for Litecoin, 0.1 for Ethereum, 0.5 ZEC for Zcash.

You may use your Balances in order to:

  • (auto)reinvest mined funds and purchase additional Mining Contracts for Cloud Mining.
  • withdraw mined funds from your balance if you reached minimum payout.

We may recalculate your Balance, Cloud Device, Hashrate or log, correcting any error that occurs with respect to the website. We reserve the right to fix any mistake or to rectify a discrepancy.

Account Balances may become negative, during which time no withdrawals or purchases may be made until balance becomes positive and will contain minimum payout amount.


We provide the Bitcoin and Altcoins Cloud Mining Hashtoro.com on Hashtoro.com.

Hashtoro has multiple datacenters full of Mining equipment which is using ALOT of electricity. In order to provide our Hashtoro.com we charge fees which are calculated based on the electricity usage and hardware maintenance costs required to provide the Hashtoro.com. Maintenance costs may include: data centre rents, hardware setup, testing of the Mining Pools, salaries, planning, development of software, parts repair and exchange, and any and all other expenditures that are required to provide the Coud Mining Hashtoro.com on Hashtoro.com etc. Details about the Fees for Mining Contract by type can be viewed on the HASHTORO.COM main page and may change from time to time.

Fees are calculated based on Cryptocurrency algoritm type and the coin

  • Bitcoin SHA-256 0.0002 EURO for 1GH/s
  • Litecoin Scrypt 0.0025 EURO for 1 MH/sec
  • Ether Etherium 0.01 EURO for 1 Mh/sec
  • Zcash Equihash 0.0060 EURO for 100H/sec
  • Monero CryptoNight 0.003 EURO for 10H/sec
  • Dash X11 0.15 USD EURO 1GH/sec

Hashtoro.com will deduct fees from your Account Balance once per day right after Payout is done based on your Mining Contract. Fees are not refundable. We may always ajust the fees without any notice.


While we have taken care to ensure that the content offered on Hashtoro.com is accurate, Hashtoro.com services are provided “as is”. Your agree to use Hashtoro.com at your own risk. We do not warrant that Hashtoro.com will be error-free.

We expressly disclaim any implied warranties and any liability for:

  • Technical problems or human errors that may influence the Hashtoro.com. You admit that no hardware or telecommunication equipment is error-free. Which sometime may end up in a mistakes in the content and availability of Hashtoro.com for some period of time.
  • All the conditions, warranties, representations and all provisions that will be directed towards laws of equity, either by common laws or laws of the state, and
  • Any liability that will result from the use of Kovla.com
  • the terms and conditions, and its Hashtoro.com, this includes, and is not limited to claims, demands, charges, liabilities, damages, expenses or losses that will arise regardless of the nature of the damage, whether direct indirect, special, incidental, punitive, exemplary, or consequential, whether it will arise from negligence, loss of use, data, income, property, waste management, as well as loss caused by electronic viruses, breach of contract, allegations by third parties, or losses regardless of whatever character nature or kind even in cases where Hashtoro.com has knowledge concerning such possibilities of loss or damage that may result from the use of Hashtoro.com
  • This liability limitation is not limited to, and applies to where there is a transmission of a device that has been disabling abilities through viruses, electrical or mechanical failure, communication lines, or various connection issues that may include unauthorized access, injury, damage to property, errors in operation, labor concerns or strikes, or acts of Nature, that have a connection with Hashtoro.com in relation to but not limited to any form of liability arising from lost revenue, income, profits, business, contracts, anticipate savings, goodwill, data, office time, wasted management, or any other form of damage or loss that may result from tort, breach of contract, negligence, or otherwise whether or not it is directly or indirectly foreseeable
  • exchange rate of any Cryptocurrency;
  • difficulty of mining of any Cryptocurrency;
  • any change to applicable laws, licenses and regulations wherever they may be located in the world;
  • any error to Hashtoro.com;
  • any error to any internet or telecommunication network;
  • any damage or lose due to malicious software, viruses, malware, adware or other code that may contaminate a user’s computer equipment, data, software, by any person accessing, downloading or using Hashtoro.com;

We are not liable now and will not become liable for any insolvency to fulfill any commitment under this Agreement if that insolvency is a consequence of any case of any incident that is out of our control.

Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, we do not give any assurances, terms or circumstances. To the full extent allowed by applicable law, we expressly exclude our liability for loss or any damages that you may get, including but not limited to:

  • Special damages, whether or not the you knew of the conditions that gave rise to the special damage;
  • any loss or deprivation of anticipated or expected savings;
  • any loss of working or leisure time;
  • any loss of opportunity or chance;
  • any loss of Crypto assets and/or any Cryptocurrency as a consequence, of any act or flaw by you or any act or action of other person;
  • any moral damages;
  • any loss or damage which is connected to:
  • any defect, error, bug or security breach in any system which you manage to send, receive or store Cryptocurrency
  • any defect, error, bug or security breach in any system which you manage to access Hashtoro.com;
  • any incomplete or inaccurate information that you provide;
  • any incomplete or inaccurate addresses of Cryptocurrency wallet that you provide;
  • any adjustment or changes in the Cryptocurrency payout amount to you or other Miners;
  • any flaw or mistake by any financial institution;
  • any change to any legislation that applies to Cryptocurrencies;
  • any change to any regulation that applies to Cryptocurrencies;
  • any change to any technical environment that applies to Cryptocurrencies;
  • Any adjustment or volatility in the price of any Cryptocurrency;

To the full extent allowed by law, We limit our total liability with regard to any claim or lawsuit for using Hashtoro.com Services arising from these terms.

You agree that you will not use the Hashtoro.com or the Website in any way that:

  • May give us bad name;
  • Is illegal;
  • May cause criminal or civil liability for us;

We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will cooperate with us in asserting any available defenses.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us and any of our directors, owners, affiliates, licensors, information providers, officers, agents and licensees harmless against any liability and any fees that have connection to any request, claim or lawsuit that arises out of:

  • any falsification that you make;
  • any inaccurate information that you submitted to us or saved on our Website;
  • any third-party usage of your Personal Account on Hashtoro.com;
  • any violation of any law that you commit;
  • any breach of this Agreement by you; and
  • any third party requests, claims or lawsuits that arise from your registration and/or use of Hashtoro.com;
  • any content that is yours;
  • any usage of your Personal Account by you or by any third party;

You must cooperate fully with us or our agent who is defending us from any request, claim or lawsuit.


Without restricting any of our rights, we may block access to your Hashtoro Account, the Hashtoro.com, reset your Account balance to zero and/or even set a negative balance and/or block any possibility to withdraw Fiat Currency or Cryptocurrency from your Account Balance in case you violate any term of this Agreement and/or in case we receive chargeback or refund request for one of your previous payments.

We may, without notice, block your Account if we believe that you, or any person using your Account, are using Hashtoro.com fraudulently and such block will be used until you provide us the following:

  • Your personal information, by sending us copy of your ID or Passport;
  • Prove, that you not attempted any fraud or no fraud has been occurred;

We will notify you with an notification during login, phone call or email in case your account has been terminated.

If you made any purchase of Mining Contact by credit card we may hold payouts in your Account for up to 90 days, as an anti-fraud security measure. Please note, that we do not have payout hold in case you use Cryptocurrency, Webmoney, Ideal or wire transfer payment method.

In case you discover any violation or the terms, you have the right to report it through contacting us though our ¨Contact Us¨ page.


When you referred or invited new Customer to Hashtoro.com you will get financial profit for payments made by such Customer. You can read more information about the Partner Program at https://Hashtoro.com/partners

You will get unique Referral Code after sign up. Check your code using this url: https://Hashtoro.com/partners

You can create any amount of additional Referral Codes.

You, as our partner, may advertise with your personal Referral Links on any third-party website in order to get new Referrals.

We cannot be held accountable for the validity of any content in any advertisement, publication or post about us that is created by Partner or Customer on any website which is not ours.

In order to be Your Referrer, the new Customer will have to follow two simple steps:

  • visit the Hashtoro.com website via Your Referral Link;
  • create an Account in 24 hours of that first visit by using the same session in the browser;

Referral code will be invalidated if new Customer:

  • changed browsers;
  • cleared the browser cache;
  • failed to register in 24 hours after first visit via Referral link;

In such cases, the new Customer will have to visit Hashtoro.com one more time by using Your Referral Link in order to be your referral.

The Referral Bonus is set to 15% except for Reinvestment and Purchases from your Account balance. We reserve the right to change the percentage in some cases.

You agree, that If a new Customer was registered without a Referral Link by mistake, or if your referral code was not saved in new Customer session, We are not responsible to link Your Referrer account to new Customer account and we are not obligated to add any missed Referral Bonus credits for previous orders.

We remind you, that You are permitted to have only 1(one) Account on Hashtoro.com. If we have any suspicion that you have more than one account, We may ask you to send us copy of your ID, from your referrals or from linked accounts in order to perform KYC procedure, If you fail to send us requested documents within 5 working days or the provided document is deemed to be invalid, then you agree that we may close all Accounts related to your Account, cancel all relevant Contracts, reset and set to zero any Balances without any right to appeal our actions.

You agree, that We have the right to make changes to Partner program at any time, change or delete Referral Codes, make changes to percentage of Referral Bonus and/or any credited Referral Bonus.

We forbid to use any of this traffic categories you send to Hashtoro.com:

  • Redirect;
  • Spam;
  • Doorway pages; and
  • Contextual ads with our name in the advertising text( Hashtoro.com, Hashtoro, Hash toro).

We may anytime block the access and participation of any Account to the Partner Program for any particular reason, without prior notice.


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