What are the conditions of your affiliate program?

When you send or invite a new customer to Hashtoro.com, you will receive financial profit from payments made by such Customer at a rate of 10% of its purchase. You can read additional information about the affiliate program at https://Hashtoro.com/partner/

After registration, you will receive a unique referral code. Check your code using this URL: https://hashtoro.com/accounts/referral/
You can create any number of additional referral codes and advertise your personal referral links on any third-party website in order to get new referrals.
We prohibit the use ...

How do I get a payout through the referral system?

You must specify your bitcoin wallet in your account profile.
Once your balance has accumulated enough funds, you can order a payout by clicking the "Withdrawal" button. Select the amount to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal using two-factor authentication or, if this method is not used, click the confirmation link to authorize the payout, which we will send to your email address. This is done in order to secure unauthorized withdrawal of funds.