Crypto currency - what is it?

Crypto currency is a digital currency that is protected from forgery or additional issue by means of cryptographic technologies. They exist only in virtual space, but you can store them in your phone, on your personal computer or on a portable disk. In principle, the architecture of some crypto currency allows to store them on any device, even as a QR code on paper.

Why do we need crypto currency?

Many experts believe that crypto-currencies in the future will replace ordinary money. Already, many shops accept bitcoins as a means of payment, and in some countries, for example in Japan, bitcoin is the same method of payment as the national currency. With the help of bitcoin, you can already buy merchandise, a car and even a house. The advantage of crypto-currencies is their decentralization, low transaction costs, speed of payment processing and anonymity.

How does cloud mining work?

As soon as we receive payment for your order, your contract will be added to your account, and you will be able to start crypto currency mining immediately. Depending on the type of your contract, you can directly mine bitcoins, DASH, LTC, Zcash or Ethereum.

Why is cloud mining more profitable?

Cloud mining for the end user is more effective than buying equipment for mining. No noise and heat dissipation (One miner can heat 50 square meters), there are no additional costs for payment of customs duties and shipping costs. No problems with warranty. Your cloud power is always available for mining without falls and glitches all year round.