What services does Hashtoro.com provide?

Hashtoro.com is a cloud-based crypto currency service that offers a simple and safe way to purchase processing power without the need to purchase physical devices for crypto-currency mining. We offer a cloud-based solution for mining crypto currency for all types of users.

Our cloud mining is controlled by a self-learning neural network to maximize your profit.

Where are your data centers located?

For our mining operation, we select countries that are loyal to crypto-currencies. Cold climate and cheap electricity are also the main factors for building a data center.

But, for security reasons, we prefer not to name the location of our data centers. How datacenters look from the inside you can see on the page dedicated to our data centers

What crypto-currency can I mine on your website?

You can mine Bitcoin, DASH, LTC, Zcash or Ethereum by purchasing any of the available mining contracts. Mining contracts for some crypto-currencies may be unavailable due to a lack of equipment.

How much can I earn?

Your income will depend on the conditions in the market of crypto-currency and the mining difficulty. Therefore, there is no way to accurately predict your income. We recommend our clients to use various online calculators to evaluate the profitability. For example, to calculate the yield of bitcoin mining, you can use this link:


On what pools will I mine?

We use several pools for mining, btc.com, antpool, f2pool.

To distribute power and protect against downtime, we constantly monitor different pools and your cloud mining always runs on the most optimal pool.

Why do I need two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an additional level of security that ensures that only you can access your account.